Free Snapshot

Uncover a business’s marketing performance in five categories

Snapshot Report

With a business name in hand this report allows you to automate your prospecting workflow and become a local expert.

The report ranks a business in Listings, Reviews, Social, Website and Advertising categories and includes industry benchmarks.

The Snapshot Report notifies you as your prospects engage with it and also serves as a simple way for your prospects to claim their business centre account.



Business Listings

The Snapshot Report aggregates data from over 70 directories to show your prospects:

  • Number of listings
  • Accuracy of listings
  • Missing sites

Local businesses need accurate listings on a lot of business directories to ensure people can find them online.

Put them on the map with an abundance of accurate listings.


The Snapshot Report aggregates data from over 30 customer review sites to highlight:

  • Number of reviews
  • Recency of reviews
  • Average score

Local businesses must continually collect fresh reviews and strive for a 4-5 star review rating to establish trust and credibility.

Help them make a stellar first impression.

Social Media

The Snapshot Report pits a prospect’s social presence against that of similar businesses in regards to:

  • Number of posts
  • Size of audience

Local businesses must keep their followers engaged to grow their audience and build brand loyalty.

Grow their engagement, grow their audience.


The Snapshot Report leverages Google PageSpeed Insights to assess a prospect’s website for:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Content
  • Load speed

Local businesses need a mobile-friendly site that delivers the information people seek in order to make buying decisions.

Turn conversions up to 10.

Digital Advertising

The Snapshot Report uses Google AdWords to show your prospects which keywords they need to be bidding on.

  • Top five keywords for impressions
  • Top five keywords for clicks (with CPC)

Local businesses need to leverage technologies like retargeting and geofencing to target the right audiences and boost sales.

Uncover golden opportunities with search, social, and display advertising.